strategy workshops

Have you grown successfully and profitably, but are currently unsure as to how you might sustain this into the future?

Has growth brought with it a level of complexity that you now need to understand and manage?

Are you creating great value for your customers but failing to capture all of the rewards that this success should bring?

Do you continually fight on price, even though you have a superior product or service?

Are you developing potentially winning strategies but finding it difficult to make them work in practice?

Do you want to develop a cross-functional and full integrated approach to your strategy?

Do you recognise that you need to work "on the business" for the long-term, rather than simply working "in the business"?

I can help, please get it touch.

marketing workshops

Do you have a great digital marketing and social media team but feel that they need a more holistic understanding of marketing?

Do you rely on only a few marketing tools but would like to understand how other marketing tools and techniques could bring a cost-effective advantage to your marketing and sales activity?

Do you want to develop an effective and focused marketing strategy for the future, one that delivers on the objectives set out in your business plan?

Would you simply like to raise the profile of marketing as a cross-functional activity, to develop a market-driven culture that involves everyone?

I can help, please get in touch.